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Strategami (print)

The starting point for this book is the nonlinear storytelling commonly found in certain types of children books for example the series “Choose your own adventure”, where the reader can directly influence and personalise the outcome of the story. Instead of relying on pages numbers for navigation, thumb cuts where used, similar to a thumb index found in printed dictionaries and encyclopaedias.
 The reader takes on the perspective of the main character and is guided through a number of situations. At the end of each situation, the reader must decide between a given set of two options and thusly effects the outcome of the rest of the story. This nonlinear designed book enables the reader to reach 14 different story endings via several possible storylines. Furthermore, several abstract photographs can be found scattered throughout the book, affecting the mood of the story but not strictly illustrating the content. They contribute to the overall atmosphere and reader’s experience. An appendix at the end of the book further explains the topic and depicts each strategem with a brief explanation.
 The project was authored and conceived by Jan-Peter Haack, Lucas Liccini, Lena Wessel and myself.