Typologie des Streits

This book explores Streit (german for: contention, fight or dispute) as a productive principle.
  It contains an analysis of Georg Simmels ideas on Streit as a way of producing society as well as an in-depth study of Jacques Rancière's philosophy of politics and aesthetics. Rancière's theories suggest that politics as well as art or design should be understood as two specific forms of productive Streit; namely a political and an aesthetic one. The analysis continues by focusing on the idea of design as an aesthetic Streit and all its political implications by taking a closer look at the work of Peter Behrens and Wolfgang Weingart.
  The second half of Typologie des Streits introduces the reader to the different types of Streit as they are distinguished by Georg Simmel. This typology of Streit gets illustrated by experimental typographic interpretations of various specific Streits, such as the quarrel between two infants, a game of chess, or the rivalry between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during the US-presidential elections. Those typographic interpretations themselves can be seen as concrete realisations of Jacques Rancière's idea of an aesthetic Streit and therefore function as a pinnacle of the prevenient analysis. However with regards to the content of this typology the vast variety of productive Streit is expressed, in order to encourage the reader to implement the idea of a productive Streit into his or her very own contexts.
  This book is not not only designed but also written by me and was made as the final project of my studies at the University of the Arts Berlin.